Eating Healthy
Just Got Easier.

Fuss makes it easy to find a dish in restaurants nearby that is suitable for your health preference. Go on, be fussy.

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The Healthy Lifestyle

What Is Healthy?

Whether it's related to a medical condition, your culture, or simply just trying out a new diet, your definition of healthy will be different from ours. It's what YOU think healthy is.

Let Us Help You!

No matter where you are, there's a healthy dish near you and we intend to help you find it.

Make Your Own Way.

There are many different ways to eat healthy. Choose from Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Sugar Free, Low Carb, Low Sodium, High Protein, High Fiber, and Low Calorie.


Let Us Find A Dish For You.

What Do You Want To Eat?

Filter out your dishes with our diet selection search option. We can help you find healthy, vegetarian, low carb or gluten-free dishes. More options coming soon!

Eat Healthy Everywhere You Go.

Fuss helps you find a healthy dish suitable for your preffered diet at nearly every restaurant nationwide.

Share Your Food Discoveries.

You can share your healthy food discoveries using the fuss app and recommend it so other Fuss users could try it!

We're the talk of the town...

Hear what people are saying about Fuss!

Christopher M. - Los Angeles, CA

"I'm an athlete and I needed to stay in shape during the fall. Problem is, I love food. This would be a good app for me. I can't wait for Fuss!"

Dennis H. - Portland, OR

"Some of my friends are vegetarian so I told them to watch out for this app. They'll love it!"

Gabrielle E. - Austin, TX

"My mom recently went gluten-free and I wanted to try it out too. When I heard about Fuss I thought, 'This is PERFECT'!"

Mohammed A. - Lexington, NE

"I eat out a lot but I'm trying to eat healthy and sometimes I choose different diets like paleo or high protein. This app is exactly what I need. Can't wait for it to launch."

Olga D. - Grand Rapids, MI

"I'm allergic to gluten and it's a hassle always asking restaurants what is gluten-free. With Fuss, I'll just know which dish to order, cutting time from ordering at a restaurant."

Ryan W. - New York, NY

"The images of food alone in the preview are incredible. And they're all healthy? WOW!"

Sapna B. - Orlando, FL

"I'm a vegetarian and I eat very few carbs in my diet. It's hard to find low-carb vegetarian dishes, but now Fuss can do it for me. I'm definitely downloading this app."

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